A Barber, two Engineers, and two Techies walk into a venue. Their high voltage rock erupts and they leave a mighty crater in their wake.

Conjuring stomping stadium-rock, shoegazing grunge, and spaced-out melodies, A Very Deep Hole has had adventures on the main stages at Berkshire festivals and have recorded at the elusive Abbey Road Studios with The Alarm.

2016 saw them launch their eponymous debut album and they are gearing up to release an EP in summer 2017.

Their collective influences include British new wave, grunge, prog rock, and blues rock.

Way back in the late 90s, Ryan was in the successful Reading 3-piece, Private Idaho. Matt auditioned as a replacement guitar player and right away nailed ‘the sound’, as Ryan recollects:

“We wanted a sound like John McGeoch of Magazine / Visage / Siouxsie and the Banshees. We wanted his sound ‘cause he’s the best new wave guitarist or maybe even best guitarist of his generation. He had an amazing sound. Matt got it without even listening to him.”

When The Idaho disbanded in 2007, Matt and Ryan went in search of more members for a new project and soon found Barney the bass player. The new, as-yet-unnamed three piece began writing songs in early 2008 and they reached out to Ed in 2009 to help fill out the sound, adding his love for instrumental music to the band’s creative pool.

The band, in their new line-up, wrote and recorded 3 demo tracks; sadly, before they could start gigging, Barney left for pastures new. Worthy of of a Spinal Tap story, the search for a new bass player began, with the band picking up Dan on keyboards and vocals along the way.

A number of line-up changes brings us to the band’s current format, with Mike joining in June 2014 as the permanent bass player.

Summer 2014 has seen a number of successful and high profile shows, including:

  • Playing on the main stage at Caversham Festival – which boasted an estimated 10,000 visitors over the weekend.
  • They were hand picked to support the Reading band Echoic at their July gig.
  • They were asked to play at the 2nd Caversham Rock’n’Ale Festival in June – a feat which got them mentioned in the Reading Post’s print and online editions.
  • WickedFest at Facebar, one of the band’s regular gigging venues.

With the band now writing and recording some new material to unleash on the masses, the future’s looking good for AVDH!

Mike Barber: Began playing bass in 1983. Originally recruited to play keyboards by his first band, he was asked to step up to bass guitar. He takes influence from all over the rock ‘n’ roll world; The Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, and Deep Purple to name a few. He has played in several touring bands that originated in Berkshire including Zebedee, Holy Cowbell, and Samurai.

Matt Cox: Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, and occasional lead guitar for the band. Matt taught himself to play by following Nirvana songs and working parts out by ear, his musical influences play a clear part in the enduringly catchy riffs he has since written.

Ryan Dobson: Drums and percussion. With clear influences from Robert Heaton of New Model Army, and Budgie from Souxsie and the Banshees, he has created his own strong rhythmic style which provides a solid foundation for both the raw power and emotive subtlety that the songs of AVDH embrace. Ryan has previously been a member of Private Idaho, Stonefly, and The Dreamhouse.

Dan Lilley: A multi-instrumentalist who is skilled in piano, guitar, saxophone, and bass. A fan of Iron Maiden from a very early age, the classic galloping triplet often features along with a desire to funk. His vocal style is often described as a bluesy Johnny Cash with a rasp of Tom Waits.

Ed Pinkney: Lead guitar and backing vocals. After studying the playing of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, and Alvin Lee of Ten Years After, he has developed a soulful instrumental voice of his own. An engineer by day, Ed will often design and create custom equipment to achieve his sound.